Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lazy Prevention

The recurring theme of the week is a phrase I have heard in about 15 different instance -- mostly in conversations, some from TV, some from books.  The phrase is:

It'll catch up with you.

I have a girlfriend who just turned 51 who has never worked out.  The most she has done is take walks around her neighborhood.  Her husband works out like a fiend, always has, and is drop dead gorgeous.  He also looks far, far younger than his years.  He has been encouraging his wife for years to join him in his workouts, go for even longer walks with him, meditate with him every morning, try taking the supplements he's taking, eat healthier like he was, etc.  She didn't want to be told what to do. 

I understand.  I know some things are very difficult to hear from our loved ones.  So, I'm here to say it as a complete stranger and/or slightly familiar blogger:  IT WILL CATCH UP WITH YOU!

My girlfriend's body was not exhibiting the wear and tear she was putting on it until the last couple of years.  Then, it hit her like a Mack truck.   It caught up with her.  Now she is asking for my advice on exercise and meditation.  I have been doing both of these, like her husband, since I was a teenager, so it's just a very natural part of my life.  I feel for her that she is now trying to create new habits. 

If you are in her boat, though, you can do it too. New habits can be created.  It can be done.  You just have to find the workouts that turn you on, the meditation techniques that speak to you and transform your state of mind.  We all have a different key to unlocking our peaceful and passionate selves.  Look for your key.  It will come.  Then give your word to yourself -- or perhaps even to someone else --- that you will stick with it, even for a certain time period.  Then you can reassess at the end of that time period.

Because, if you don't....

My other friend is over 300 pounds.  Her husband was around 400.  They have both been this heavy for many, many years.  The husband had a major cardiac event which lead them to discover that his previously "healthy" heart is not in congestive heart failure.  Yes, doctors were telling him his heart was healthy for many years and then BAM, he hasn't been the same since.  The bottom line all the years of being extremely overweight caught up with him.  It caught up with him, and they are both in disbelief that his body finally gave out.

So, what am I personally looking at?  My misuse of sugar.  Sugar is so hard on our bodies, hard on many of our systems, organs, moods, brains, etc.   I have had more than my lifetime share of sugar, and I need to pull it way back.

Becauase, if I don' will catch up with me.

Yesterday, I found out a friend I had been trying to support in quitting smoking for years, now has mouth and throat cancer.  His entire life, apparently, he was very cavalier in his attitude about smoking saying that he loved it and he was fine.  And, for many years he was absolutely fine.  But, it caught up with him.

Please, before it hits you like a Mack truck, take an inventory of what you've been setting aside doing for your body to ease the load. 

Our bodies are so generous.  They give and give and give and give.  At some point if you don't give back and support all that allows them to give, they break.  It's just a matter of wear and tire, like your car.  If your car has no oil, the engine breaks.

Please take care.... a little Lazy Lovin' of your body can go a long way toward prevention.

Lovingly, Lazily yours,

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