Sunday, July 08, 2012

Best Lazy Healthy Spicy Summer Slaw Ever!

I will admit it.  I have been brainstorming about all the wonderful things I can do with my new Trader Joe's find...the Yogurt Cilantro Chive Dip. 

I used it a couple days ago spread on the bread for my Mahi Mahi Burger.  I stand by that yumminess.  It has a little bit of a kick to it that makes the fish just jump off your tastebuds into a sea of flavor bliss.

Today, though, while in Bar Method class, I was appropriately hungry, it being 12:00 and all I'd had was a protein, when my hot dog craving came on, my mind wandered.  I'm a pescatarian so I haven't had a real hot dog since I was probably 19, BUT I love me a grilled Veggie Dog.

Contemplating my "dog" made me remember my stepmom, Patsy. It was her birthday two days ago so she has been on my lovin' mind.   Before she came into my life, I always just had my hot dogs with mustard, maybe a little pickle or relish sometimes.   Well, she turned me onto tastebud bliss when she showed me how to lob on a few spoonfuls of cole slaw.  YUMMALICIOUS!

This slaw is PERFECT on a dog.  But, it would also be perfect in a fish taco.  Tortilla, cut up the Mahi Mahi Burger, add slaw and voila FIsh Taco Extraordinaire.  Seriously, perfection for a Fish Taco.

I took half a panini, toasted it, slathered on mustard and then added my grilled veggie dog and slaw! 

Spicy Healthy Summer Cole Slaw

2 Packages of Trader Joe's Cole Slaw
1 carton of the Trader Joe's Cilantro Chive Yogurt Dip
1/4 cup (or to taste) of Salsa (your choice of spiciness -- mine had good kick)
Some splashes of Red Wine Vinegar -- to taste
1 package of fresh chives -- chopped up
A little salt

Mix it all up and add it to all your grillin' summer fun!

Buon Summer Appetito!

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