Thursday, July 05, 2012

Best Lazy Lunch in 5 Minutes Ever! - Another Trader Joe's Lazy Home Run!!!!

Where have I been?  I missed two new products at Trader Joe's.  I am mostly vegetarian, but when my body isn't at top energy, sometimes I crave fish.  Today, I had a hankering for he who comes from the sea....And lookie, lookie what i found!

These Trader Joe's Mahi Mahi Burgers in the frozen food section are not like most frozen fish burgers.  They are JUICY and not fishy either.  YUM.  And, this Cilantro Chive Yogurt Dip is the perfect thing to slather on a toasted Rustic Roll.

I really wanted to check out the flavors of these two new discoveries so I kept it nice and simple, so I only added lettuce for a little crunch to the above three ingredients.  In the future, I'll add other stuff, like maybe coleslaw one day, tomatoes another, pickles..etc.  Please your palate with whatever you wish.  But, I highly recommend this stripped down version.

1.  Throw the frozen Mahi Mahi Burger on the George Forman Grill.
2.  Cut the Rustic Roll in half and throw it in the toaster.  I highly recommend these rolls or any roll that has sourdough in it.  Sourdough is perfect balance for the fish.
3.  Make yourself a refreshing drink, and grab lettuce (and/or whatever else you wish to accompany your sandwich out of the fridge).  Practically by the time you are done, you will have a toasted bun and the burger will be done.
4.  Slather some Yogurt Dip on either side of the bun. Throw on lettuce and the sizzling burger. 

Have a napkin ready because the burger is good and juicy!

Buon Lazy Livin' Appetito!

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