Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lazy Wisdom: Be Your Own Divining Rod

My dad didn't grow up on a farm but he grew up in Michigan surrounded by them.  Also, family members and friends had them, so he knew farms and farming. My grandma always had a farm-like garden burgeoning in her back yard which yielded lots of yummies including her famous raspberry jam. 

My dad truly was a farmer at heart. I think if he had pointed his genius in that direction, he would have done some very exciting work.  One of the defining books he gave me was "The Secret Life of Plants" which really changed how I viewed all living things and our connectedness.  As a kid I read it a few times, as did he.  We talked about it a lot.  And, we did the experiments.

I loved talking about how everything is connected with my dad, and it certainly gives me comfort now that he is gone.   He was with me in spirit the other day, though, at Whole Foods. 

I was trying to choose between two products.  My wonderful Whole Foods supplement section guru, Marie, couldn't make the decision for me, and saw I was stumped.  She said "Well some people do muscle testing."   I have been familiar with muscle testing for decades, and my acupuncturist does it routinely.  But I would need help, so I started to look at her with the look that said "Well, do you want to help me with that..." when she replied.

"Say your name," she said.  I did.  She asked if I noticed that I moved forward when I said my name.  I had noticed.  It was very odd.  She explained that that forward movement is the equivalent of a yes, or positive response.  Moving back is negative.  

She put one product in my hand.  Definitely forward.  Almost dramatically forward.  She took that out of my hand and gave me the other product.  Backward.  Most definitely back.  It was a clear "yes" and and a clear "no."
I ran home to test myself on the bag of supplements for which my acupuncturist had recently done muscle testing on me to see if I still needed these supplements.  I got the same exact responses she got.

One of the things my dad had witnessed many times in his life on farms, and had used himself on and off farms were divining rods.  He told me how you can make one with just two sticks, and with this primitive device, you can locate the flow of water underground.  One of my very favorite movies (that I have seen at least 100 times) "Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House" has a wonderful character Mr. Tesander, who brings a divining rod to Cary Grant's property to find the location of his future well.  My dad would craft divining rods for all kinds of quandaries and always get the right answer. 

He gave me my first pendulum, which is essentially a modern day divining rod.   My dad probably knew this leaning/yes/no trick too.  Maybe he even told me about it.  Probably when I was a teenager and barely listening.

Well, it is one helluva Lazy Tool.  Have fun with it in all your Lazy travels!

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  1. Well that's very cool. I'll have to pay attention the next time I'm making a decision. Thanks!