Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Making Babies the Lazy Way -- Cactus Style

In honor of the ultrasound I had today, I thought we should talk baby talk. 

You, dear reader, may be aware of this, but most of my visitors, aka friends, don't know  how incredibly easy it is to create little cactus worlds out of the cactus you already have. 

Cactus are constantly having babies.  They must be very busy at night when we aren't looking.

This is how easy it is to create your own little cactus world.  Take a baby off of a burgeoning cactus plant you have, like this one. 

You can literally just snap off one of the flowers and stick it in the soil.  It doesn't even have to be special soil.  Any soil is perfect for these babies.  I remember hearing years ago that it had to be a special cactus starter, or some such un-lazy crap.  So, I didn't try it until I moved into this house, where there are wildly prolific cactus that were just begging me to try to plant them elsewhere.  The first ones took to their new environment immediately.

This is how I used my favorite bowl from Deruta that I held in my lap on the way home from Italy 10 years ago like it was my new baby, speaking of babies.  It got a crack in it so it is now a lovely planter.  Ever single cactus in her was a cutting from another plant.

Yes, even those Kalanchoe plants that you can always find at Trader Joe's, your local grocery store or nursery.   You just snip off a branch and stick it in the soil.  Done!

These started as little tiny babies because I wanted to highlight the cool pots.  Now the pots are nearly obscured because they grew so fast.  They aren't unhappy but I'll be moving them soon.

Happy Lazy Summer Gardening to you!

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