Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tennis Elbow Anyone? - Miracle Cure Thera-Band Flexbar

Earlier today, I ripped the pillow case off a pillow.  Why is that shocking?  Because it didn't hurt.  I've been battling tennis elbow for several weeks now.  The only thing that was causing me any relief was taking days off.  But, it was effecting how I was playing, and believe me, I'm not good enough to have a handicap! It was also effecting how I moved about in the world, and what I grabbed for, reached for, etc.  I've even been using my left arm a lot more as a painless alternative, and I'm right-handed.

A Facebook friend, who also happens to be one of my high school mentors, suggested the Thera-Band FlexBar, saying that it cured his tennis elbow almost immediately. Other friends piped in that it was, in fact a miracle cure.  I googled it: same reports.

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When I tell you how quickly this worked, you will understand the level of miraculousness.  I received my Thera-Band Flexbar YESTERDAY!  I did the exercise a few times last night. Usually, in the night I tweak my elbow in such a way that it gets a little angry.  Not once last night!

And, I have been tentative with my right arm since the injury started.  I don't jerk things toward me.  I definitely don't go ripping pillow cases off of pillows.  I did it unconsciously this morning, and for a split second I thought "Oh my God that was stupid! That's going to hurt!"  And, it didn't!  

If you know people who play golf, or kayak, or do any other sport where the elbow can get tweaked, pass this on!

I got mine on Amazon -- The red one was perfect for me:

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