Monday, February 16, 2009

I just saw "He's Just Not That Into You" and I realized I am the most unlazy dater on the planet. I am like all the characters in the movie rolled into one, fretting about this or that, about this and that, and then some more. It's truly ridiculous. I blame It's more fun to blame my unlaziness on a website that claims to have someone for everyone and yet keeps doling out stalker freaks and/or people who just are simply not that into me.

I wrote the "Dating" chapter on our book and when I wrote it I was a far lazier dater. I got un-lazy over the years. As a dater, I now feel like someone who is struggling to get out of a big bowl of heavy pudding, not really sinking, but feeling like I'm going to sink at any moment. Of course, it's chocolate pudding, because everyone knows chocolate eases dating woes.

I've cancelled my membership on but it doesn't expire until April, so I'm stuck sucking the value of what is left. I can't throw away a 1/2 empty anything. Every day I think "this will be the day that the guy who really gets me joins!" Instead the resounding mantra of the masses of men on is "We're just not that into you."

I'm going out of town for business for a few days. If I were a truly lazy dater I'd hit the hip hotel bar at night... Instead, here's what I'll do, I'll have a fun flirt with at least one guy at the fitness center and/or pool. Because I still do believe that the secret to Lazy Dating is fun, and the fun has been sucked out of dating for me lately. I need to do some CPR on Lazy Dating.

CPR -- compression to the heart, breath, breath, breath.....

Here's to the guy who coulda woulda shoulda written the "Lazy Man's Guide to Just About Everything" walkin' into my life before I pass out from doing the CPR!

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