Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I booked a trip to London and Morocco today, and the only way it really worked was for me to fly on my birthday. And, since I'm flying on my birthday and I don't land until the next day, I am declaring that I don't age a year this year.

I know most women stick on 29 and celebrate "29 again" every year, but I'm just gonna stick on "46 again" but because I have a really hard time lying -- and because I always accidentally up my age anyway about 1/2 way through the year -- I think I'll just be "46 again" for a day or two. But what an appropriate place to live in suspended animation. London with jet lag. My body, mind and spirit will take a few days to hook up. It's all good.

Turns out a new colleague shares my birthday AND is synchronistically going to also be in London. Perhaps having a kindred spirit, albeit probably many years my junior, will yank me out of my state of suspended birthday animation.

Lazy aging is going with the flow, not against it...I'm sure the tide of 47 will sweep me gently into its British-accented arms.

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