Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Major epiphany: Lazy Woman Dating for Bridget does NOT equal match.com.

So, I'm cutting myself from even looking at match.com for one week. I'm abstaining from the sea of faces and profiles who apparently match me. My name is Bridget and I'm a matchaholic. I'm actually NOT a matchaholic, but I do get overly excited when I exchange emails with particularly brilliant, funny, gorgeous men. I get hopeful. I think "Wow someone who gets me, and who shares my sense of humor, my love of sunsets and walks on the beach." And, then when they turn out to be unavailable or wacko or, much worse, not as interested as I am in them, well then I get really disappointed.

And, as I said in yesterday's blog, Lazy Dating should be FUN! So, I am now declaring myself "OPEN FOR FUN" ...if I could hang a sign on my front awning, aka my forehead I would.

A Lazy Woman lets love come to her. In the meantime she has fun.

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