Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On the Lazy Love scene...My day started with my friend Allison (a's an old English name) thinks I should give the guy who has two kids another shot. He really does seem great, but I would be third on his list: kids, career and then me... Allison has a new baby and a toddler so he's fully enamored with fatherhood and thinks it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. I've never really wanted to have kids, was never sure, and am happy that I don't have them.

Because I don't have kids I can do things like organize projects that give in different ways like the Love Scarf Project. I am the person who SHOULD be organizing projects like this. I do it well and I can do it the Lazy Way, i.e., it doesn't stress me out, it gives me a whole lot of joy. With kids, I'm sure I wouldn't have the time or energy to do things like this, so I am grateful.

I also get a lot of love from these projects. Tonight three women came over with bags full of scarves and hats they had knit. One woman, Dawn, knit her very first scarf for this project, and she did it with so much love. The other two women are awe-inspiring expert knitters who knitted with just as much love, and remembering people they had lost to cancer. The love was palpable. I hope the patients who get their scarves and hats can feel even the tiniest inkling of the love that I felt in my home tonight from these women.

Knitting for others is such a feel-good activity. You think of the person you are knitting for while you create their gift, which makes you feel good. It's relaxing -- even for me, and I am a total and utter dweeb with knitting needles --- and it's heart-warming. I think the Lazy answer to battling economic woes is to go and get some cheap yarn on sale and knit something for someone less fortunate than ourselves.

In this Valentine Time, I say love is a really wonderful lazy way to to get happy.

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