Thursday, December 03, 2009

Lazy Christmas Tree?

As much as I was enamored with the glistening full white oh-so-shimmery-yet-not-too-plasticky-looking artificial (duh!) Christmas tree I couldn't do it. I couldn't go fake Christmas tree yet. Aaron did. And, frankly, it's quite lovely and I don't think anyone would even guess it was fake from more than 6 inches distance from it.

But, I am still enamored with the white tree. I feel like I did when I tried on my very first pair of black patent leather shoes when I was a toddler. Only this time I didn't leave the store with them.

I know it's better for the environment to do artificial, so I am slightly ashamed. And, I was completely blown away by Judie (co-author of "The Lazy Woman's Guide") telling me that her huuuuuuuge Christmas tree which I ALWAYS thought was real -- not to mention looked new and different every year -- has been the same fake one for several years. I had literally NO idea, and I had been sitting at its feet many times.

We put up my real tree yesterday and it was a hilariously huge hassle. Aaron acccidentally stepped on a string of lights, obliterating one big bulb. We cleaned it up and then Aaron went to pick up the string and proceeded to ELECTROCUTE I'm not kidding. He's an actor and I thought he was ACTING and then he showed me the palm of his hand which had a smokey burn on it the size of a quarter. Scary! So, the moral of the story is real trees are dangerous....and messy, of course...pine needles all over.

Fake trees are stringing tangled lights. And they don't shed. So maybe I'll get over myself next year, and Aaron can have a healthful holiday season in 2010!

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