Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Trader Joe's Tuesday - Christmas Surprises

Trader Joe's just improves every year on the Christmas front. They have so many super cool baskets, potted and cut flowers, cookies and cakes. You can give the Master Trader just 5 quick minutes on your way to a party or to visit a friend and he will absolutely provide you a perfect hostess gift.

In these hard times, a lot of us have people in our lives who are out of work, or whose funds have at least been decreased, so a Trader Joe's gift card can be very appreciated. You can make it a yummy gift by tying it onto a box of cookies or a cake, or a cute stack of chocolates or a festive box of hot chocolate mix. So, not only do they have an immediate mood enhancer to imbibe, they have your gift to warm their hearts and pocketbooks! (oh my god that word is so old fashioned!!! the pocketbook is in the slacks hanging on the ice box!)

I have a cold right now as do a lot of people in my life, and TJ's has a lot of great things for a little "Get Well at Christmas Time" basket... Ricola Cough Drops, Emergen-C, Zinc, Airborne, Anti-Bacterial gel, Hot Tea, Juice (I would give cider for them to warm up for a nice hot nurturing drink), Flowers and of course, CHOCOLATE heals all colds, right?.... I think people feel even worse about being sick during the holidays because as annoying as all the social requirements can be, people really do usually want some human contact during the holidays! So leaving a little "Sorry your sick during the holidays basket" with maybe a little Poinsettia thrown in for cheer, could make someone's season.

And, here's to everyone's good health and frolicking during this season!

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