Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Paresseuse -- Lazy in Paris!

Moi, je suis PARESSEUSE...that means "I'm lazy" in French. Isn't that a fantastic word? Well, you caught me just having a very UN-lazy moment because I used to speak French fluently and I was beating myself up for having forgotten this most exquisite could a Lazy Woman let that one morsel of her very limited French vocabulary fall like a most delicious crumb of a perfect croissant!

I'm leaving for Paris in two days. Why is it that there is always such an extraordinary amount of crap and non-crap to do before departing. Well, in my case, a lot of it is prep for the housesitters who are coming to stay with Lucy and Tallulah while I go off galavanting. 12 days was just too darned long for the furry little ones to sleep alone at night, so I'm cleaning, scrubbing, neatening and trying to think of every little quirk about my house that needs an explanation. I know that sounds frighteningly UN-lazy but in fact if I feel like I've left as much as I can in the best shape possible for the housesitters, then when I get on the airplane and breathe that sigh of relief, it'll be a real sigh of relief, not the kind that catches at the very end and gets stuck in an anxiety snag.

I am committed to working like a dog, thinking of everything I can, packing as thoughtfully as possible, and then getting on the airplane and truly beginning the adventure of a lifetime with grace and ease. This will be my first time in Paris with my love, Aaron.... what a lovely thing.

And, for three days I get to go off to Morocco to visit my fairygoddaughters who are the most magical delectable creatures on the planet. My time with them will be love-filled, heart-warming and soul-nurturing, and then off to the City of Love and Lights.

Just writing about the relaxation, the adventure and thinking of all the joy is taking the stress out of my shoulders. Isn't it amazing how our thoughts directly result in a stress or release reaction. That's my clue to getting through these last two days before take-off: remember the love, remember the goal....and stay in the moment right now having fun getting things done in honor of the love and fun!

Happy Holidays to Everyone! Joyeux Noel to all!

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