Friday, December 11, 2009

Lazy Skin Care

I was walking down the skin care aisle of Target with Aaron the other day, helping him look for his favorite Neutrogena lotion when I happened to see this at eye level right in front of me:

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator, The Anti Aging Power Treatment

I remembered it was something that Oprah had mentioned as one of her favorite things a couple years ago. It was on sale and I thought "oooh that sounds like it would feel goooooooood...." So I bought it and as soon as I could grab some time to indulge I did.

It really is unbelievable, and definitely one of my new favorite things. It promises to do a bunch of lovely stuff, but let me just tell you that having your face scrubbed and massaged with the click of a button is a wonderful thing during the stressful holiday season and EVERY DAY! It's relaxing, and the result is that your skin will be deliciously smooth and soft.

I have some sun damage on my face -- particularly on one side, from driving I suppose. I'll let you know how the miracle scrubbie works on the spots over time. But, no matter what the end result, each time I've used it -- I've used it three times now -- I feel like I've gone to a spa for a little while.

Yummy Lazy Life....

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