Monday, March 02, 2009

One very Lazy Love Solution for me is ...and I know this is going to sound very un-lazy, but it's to throw a dinner party for friends that I really love. So, I did that very thing. Dinner for three couples that I adore. One couple I've known since college, one since I moved back to LA...and the third my "claim to fame." I set them up, and they have been happily married now for several years. Each and every one of the people at the table was brilliant, funny, and they have the most amazing hearts. I really love them and they totally appreciate me and "get" me.

It's so good to get gotten! Good and gotten!

The day after our dinner party I stopped at Marshalls to pick up a last minute birthday gift on the way to a party. I got picked up by one of the more handsome shoppers. I never get picked up, and he was a delightful little pick up because he seemed to "get" me a little in our short flirtation. Unfortunately, he's recently divorced, but it was still nice to get picked up and gotten all in one fell swoop.

But, I think what I'm going to use as my new Lazy Dating Barometer is this question "Would my friends set me up with him?" All I have to remember is this one magical dinner party and all the beautiful loving and hilarious souls around the table...would they set me up with him?

That's my new Lazy Dating Barometer...and I'm stickin' to it!

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