Sunday, May 03, 2009

Have a Lazy Twitter With Me

I'm obsessed with tap these days, probably largely because I'm not good and I'd like to be good. The better you are, the more you can rock 'n roll. Delightfully my teacher actually has us tap to rock 'n roll, which makes me have exponentially more fun than I might, because I'm so very retarded as a dancer. Part of my obsession is due to the genuine joy I feel when I hear my shoes tap. Just walking in them is damn fun. Click-click, click-click. I've started hearing the rhythms, too, everywhere! Even in the silent world of Twitter.

I hear tweet-tweet, twitter-twitter-tweet-tweet, tweet-twitter-tweet-twitter, tweet-tweet. And, then I start hearing twitter-blog-twitter-blog, tweet-blog, tweet-blog, twitter-twitter-blog and I make my way over to this blogspot! It's like it's sending out morse code asking me to post.

Tweeting has recently become my second most favorite obsession. I love to tweet, though I'm hesitent since it still seems slightly ridiculous to me. Mostly I love following other tweeters. For instance, you sort of have to follow Ashton Kutcher, since he really is the King of Twitterville, so that's fun, and he tweets very cool stuff like this from earlier today: "aplusksending love to the twitterverse." Following Sanjay Gupta is truly informative, particularly in these flu-filled news days. I like George Stephanopoulos' brain and the company he keeps, so he's great. And, Oprah, when she tweets, well that's just cool to feel like you are part of her universe. And, then I follow the people that I follow follow. I culled some of Tina Fey's peeps -- because frankly anything Tina Fey does, says, reads, or sees, I'd like a little bit o' that.

My most hilarious friend, Chase Winton, an extraordinary comedienne and actress is newly arrived on the twitter seen and because no one knows she's on there, she only has four followers. She wrote this to the loyal four yesterday: "Good morning my four followers! Today we begin building our cult will be a pyramid -everyone OK with that ?" Give me a break -- with only 140 characters at her disposal she has incited laughter in me at least a bijillion times since I first read that tweet. Every time I think of it I can't stop laughing. Good times. Good times due to the Chase-ster.

I have purposely not allowed the Twitterverse onto my Blackberry for fear I would never live life, but it's fun for now. The only slightly creepy thing is people are following me who couldn't have any interest in who I am or what the hell I'm doing. Some of them would like to sell me their services. But there are a couple teenage girls. My only hope there is that they wanna grow up to be Lazy Women.

Let's let that hopeful thought take us out on a Lazy Tweet Tweet Twitter Tweet!

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