Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Trader Joe's Tuesday -- Lazy PB&J

There are still some very well-kept secrets at Trader Joe's. One item that I am always turning people onto is the frozen french toast. At only 110 calories a slice, and unbelievably easy and fast to make, it's a groovy little breakfast item.

I am not a big egg fan, so I prefer french toast that is not heavy on the egg. If you are a heavy egg lover these might not do it for you, but they still might be worth a shot as they are very tasty AND they have more protein that a normal ol' piece of toast. You just take them out of the freezer, pop them in the toaster and a couple minutes later you have toast that as much mimics a grilled fresh piece of french toast as any I have tasted.

I was recently asked to come up with a creative solution to the traditional PB&J by someone who adores PB&J's who was looking for a twist on the recipe. This was easy for me because before I got on my oatmeal addiction, my breakfast every morning which got me through active mornings, including workouts was this:

Lazy PB&J a la Trader Joe's
serving size: 1

  1. Go into the kitchen. (I refuse to not start recipes with that, because what if you find yourself in the living room and you forget you need to change rooms to cook? Especially when dealing with Lazy recipes, it's a good reminder, eh?)
  2. Open the freezer and get out two slices of Trader Joe's Frozen French Toast (I'm in Kansas City as I write this so if they actually have a different title, you'll need to forgive me!)
  3. Pop the french toast in the toaster.
  4. While you wait, get out your favorite peanut butter. I use Trader Joe's Smooth & Salty.
  5. Get out your favorit jelly, jam, preserve, honey or whatever your pleasure. I use the fruit only preserves with no sugar that they have in several flavors at TJ's. Current favorite: raspberry.
  6. Get out the toasted sliced almonds you got in that very same aisle as the peanut butter and jelly at TJ's.
  7. By now the toast is done.
  8. Spread however much of whatever you want on there. I'm counting calories so I put very little of everything, but very little goes a long way because the toast itself isn't too dry.
  9. And...just before you smush the two slices together, sprinkle a few toasted almonds OR a few thin slices of banana OR sprinkle some cornflakes (or other crunchy cereal) on the spreads.
  10. Close.
  11. Eat.
  12. Potentially, crunch, if indeed you chose to add nuts or cereal bits.
  13. Enjoy.

A yummy, lazy day to all!

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