Thursday, May 21, 2009

When it's Right it's Right

A few months ago when I was complaining about yet another hideous online date to my friend, Melissa, who has been exquisitely happily married for many years now, she told me that she and her husband had just recently been talking about how crazy their past relationships were, and her husband wisely said "Yeah, they were ALL crazy...until YOU."

There really was something slightly off about every single relationship I have been in up to now, and it was slightly off from the very beginning. The energy flow between us wasn't equal, one of us was always pursuing the other, and somehow feeling a loss of power in the pursuit.

I confess that I had a very un-Lazy attitude toward relationships. I thought "If I just work hard enough, I can make this all OK." I can't believe I let myself get away with that unbecoming for a Lazy Woman!

When I had my Angel Store in Old Town Pasadena, a few times people came in and with a little hostility in their voices would say "I don't believe in angels!" I think they thought it would upset me. I always said "I get it! Why should you? Until you have an experience yourself, it's all a bunch of hooey, conjecture, pictures in your head!"

I think it's kind of like that for me with love. I don't think I really believed it could be easy, that it wasn't always going to be a struggle of sorts. Part of me thought I was just a difficult person to match. A few times I thought "This is probably as good as it gets." Other times I was alone thinking "Maybe I'm just not the marrying kind."

The bottom line is I couldn't really have believed this could happen for me until it happened. It was comforting hearing from all my friends that it had happened to them and they were certain it would happen for me, but keeping the faith even amidst the reinforcement was sometimes difficult.

Life really does not have to be hard. There is a way to handle EVERYTHING with less stress and more joy. And, sometimes finding the Lazy Solution is in the waiting, pausing, sitting on hold for a little while ....hopefully with an open heart.

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