Monday, March 16, 2009

Lazily Making My Way to the Plane

I couldn't be happier right now because I had a day of finishing gathering my super cool Lazy Woman ingredients for a healthy, wide awake trip to Europe, sans jet lag:

1. Marvelous Melatonin -- I tested it last night, and it worked! And, I was spunky and alert when I woke up.
2. Super Soft Inflatable Pillow -- I never have bought one, but I keep hearing about what a difference they make. Travel sites say this one is the best -- Eagle Creek -- and then I found out a friend has one and loves it. Yipppeee!
3. Precious Lucious Pashmina -- I got my replacement pashmina in the mail today. It is delicious and wonderful.
4. No Jet Lag Pills -- My genius pill-pusher at Whole Foods said people unequivocally rave about them, so I'm excited to try them.
5. iPod Goodies -- Eckart Tolle has the most hypnotic way with words and voice. He will make "sleepy time" very happy.

I have to be awake and smart 24 hours after I land, so I think I have amassed all the Lazy ingredients to make that happen.

Again, I couldn't be my little Tallulah is snuggled up next to me with her little chin resting on my elbow. Delicious day, delicious day.

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