Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lazy Woman Travel Tip #44

One of the things I do to ease my own travel stress is I start packing a couple days early for short trips, and several days early for long trips. When I do this then I remember the little things that are going to ease my stress when I'm on my trip.

For instance, I wear contacts, and I always have an extra pair of contacts in my cosmetic bag, but I don't always remember on my first round of packing to take my glasses, which I've needed in the past when my eyes were irritated.

I hate the panic of remembering something I have forgotten, and regret the minutes I completely lose to wondering if I will get an eye infection, for instance, on THIS trip!

The bottom line is that most of my travel stress is all about being in the "what ifs"...and not being in the PRESENT, being entrenched in the adventure of the moment.

As I started stressing about how much money I should exchange for both the countries I'm going to, I had a little "aha" moment and realized that even getting ready for the trip can be an adventure. No choice is wrong, it's just part of the adventure. There isn't an amount of money that is a problem: I can change it back or give it away! Every choice is just one little piece of the grand adventure.

So, I'm off to add a few items to the suitcase, and have a heckuva time doing it...because NOW I'm starting to get very excited about my trip! Usually I don't get excited until I actually get on the plane...but damn it all to heck, I'm gonna travel like a Lazy Woman this time, and enjoy every little moment of this frolic abroad.

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