Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lazy Woman Does London!

In London and all my travel tricks worked. The homeopathic remedy "No Jet Lag" that I got at Whole Foods is brilliant! It works. I literally have NO jet lag. I took a two hour nap my first afternoon, several hours after getting off the plane, and then went to bed at normal London bedtime after going to see "Billy Elliot," the most wonderful musical.

And the flight from LA to London passed by so quickly because I read dear Miss Salle's birthday gift book "Elegance of the Hedgehog" which I couldn't put down, and read all the way through to taking a brief nap at the end of the 13 or 14 hour journey. I didn't feel like I was on a long flight. I felt like I was on a lovely journey with these characters, and then dropped off to sleep with them floating inside me.

Now, after a long walk along the Thames it's time for bed, at the same time I'd be going to bed in LA, around 11:30 p.m. I'm just so blown away that I've actually found a Lazy Cure to my jet lag because I really have suffered before, and made little dents in my vacations by dilly-dallying with oscillating energy levels. Run, don't walk to your nearest Health Food Store or homeopathic remedy carrier to get "No Jet Lag" next time you travel through timezones.

While I was on my magical evening walk tonight, I passed by the Globe Theatre, a thrill for anyone who is a major Shakespeare fan. I was looking at every detail and my eye fell on a series of beautiful stone friezes along the outside wall of the theatre restaurant. I was investigating their simple stone delicacy when I was drawn by voices coming from the window below, at my feet. The chefs were almost casually preparing the most intricate dishes with many tiny detailed steps involved with preparing each plate. I kneeled down and watched. They had no idea I was watching because one of the chefs kept stealing bits of edible decorations from the other chef's creations. It was pretty hilarious. I really was an American fly on this British wall.

Oh to have long lazy london moments...sans jet lag. I am a lucky lucky girl.

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