Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lazy Cuddly Travel Buddy

There's nothing like a cuddly delicious boyfriend to provide warmth and softness during travel. But, in the absence of such a thing, I have a huge passion for pashminas -- truly a Lazy Woman's Travel Tool.

A few months ago, I took the subway from Manhattan to Brooklyn to meet friends for dinner. It was cold out, but the subway is always toasty warm, of course. So, as I entered the 72nd street subway station I pulled off my pashmina and stuffed it in my bag. I discovered it missing late that night, and was immediately saddened, like I had lost a friend of sorts. It had been so many places with me, had provided me consistent comfort and "love" and I missed it terribly. Travel since hasn't been the same.

It warmed me on airplanes and in cold corners. It comforted me when I was so tired I didn't think I could get up the energy to change planes. It was my sarong on the way back from the pool. It was a soft pillow. And, it didn't weigh a thing, to boot!

So, here I am getting ready to rack up a lot of airplane time, and cold temperatures in London, and I'm missin' my baby! Thank god I remembered. I keep forgetting to replace it. It's so critical to my trip that I just ordered TWO online. You can't tell how soft they are online, even though both claim to be 100% pashmina, so I'm just hoping one of them proves to be as delicious as my old friend.

I'm looking forward to meeting my two new friends. I think one of them will love London. And, I look forward to millions of miles of travel together with my new Lazy Cuddly Travel Buddy!

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  1. Loving your blog, honey! I too have the Pashmina travel buddy... my persimmon color one might need a replacement this year (I've had it since 1999)...

    Understand! Kisses, Elaine