Saturday, March 07, 2009

Thank God I'm Taking it Slow!

These new muscles are sore, but I'm grateful I'm working them out! You learn about people in TIME. I am not a patient person. Most people protest that they aren't patient, but I think as an Aries I can definitely proclaim a mastery of IMpatience. We are impetuous and I am super-impetuous. I've never waited to sleep with men. And, by the same token I've actually rarely regretted the decision. But, I really made a commitment to exercise my new muscles and I'm glad I did.

I knew that the man I was interested in was very likely a non-match, but I was considering -- after a long and lazy drought -- an affair, a frivolous and fun affair, since there was such great chemistry between us. For the long haul, I'm certain we would have driven each other nuts, but for the short term, why not a little fun!

I was trying to figure out if I could handle it: fun without attachment. Friends said I couldn't, but I tried to imagine it. It was easy and lovely to imagine. Luckily, he pulled away (after letting me pay for dinner!) before it became an issue. I was fairly certain I woldn't be able to tame my impatience beyond that first date. It was an excrutiating night of me trying to be "good." He should pull away, as I was slightly insane trying to keep my hands off of him. Chemistry is a powerful thing, but my nature is even more powerful. I'm like a wild horse when I meet a man I want to meet. But, this horse needs to work out a lot more with her trainer to get some muscles developed.

Or not...sometimes I think the lazy answer is sleeping with the guy on the first date, but I am still going to give the newly developing muscles a shot. I'm happy I did this week, and I'll be happy about this decision again, I'm sure!

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