Friday, March 20, 2009

Lazy Woman iDEALs for a New Car

I loved my convertible Saab but it had 125,000 miles on it. It was really great to not have a car payment. But, things were starting to happen to the car. Last month my driver's seatbelt broke, which is something that happens in older cars, and it cost nearly $300. Driving without a seatbelt just to even get to the mechanic was stressful. Last year my car broke down 75 miles away from my mechanic when I was in the middle of a trip, so every time I took a long drive I would wonder "Will it happen again?" So, that was a clear, consistent stressor.

Another conflicting stressor for me was money. Having a car paid off is a delightful wonderful thing. I didn't want a car payment again. My priority right now is getting completely out of debt. But I sat down to "get straight" with my car. I pulled out every receipt for the last 14 months. I found out I was paying far more than a car payment each month for repairs on my older car. So, weighing all the stressors and managing them was the key. Getting straight with what was "so," the facts, the reality, not the story -- was absolutely necessary for me to move forward.

It's so easy to get hemmed in by stressors and constricting facts. As soon as I got straight with the facts I felt some freedom and energy, and was able to immediately spring into action, apply for a car loan from my credit union and look at the POSSIBILITIES, not the constrictions and stressors. It was the getting honest and straight about the facts that started the movement in the right direction.

In the end I got the most unbelievable deal on my ideal car. So much less stress, so much MORE JOY!!!! It's a true Lazy Woman day!

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