Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Ever Shrinking Lazy Woman

I am down 11.2 pounds which is the idyllic 1.5 pounds/week loss.  I am very excited.  And, realizing I want to move my goal weight down a couple more points, so want to lose 8 more pounds and see how I feel, reassess, etc.

One of the other delightful things that happened at the Shadow Process Workshop this weekend was my sugar cravings ended.  We weren't allowed ANY sugar...or coffee (which was possibly harder) -- and I literally do not have the daily sugar cravings I used to have.  In the afternoon and after dinner -- the two times that I would find myself in search of all things chocolate -- I crave fruit or tea.  I know it sounds insane but it's true.  It's because the anger and anxiety that drove the cravings are delightfully peacably quelled.

The other embarassing -- really super embarassing -- craving that I no longer have was for an addiction that I kept largely hidden:  Diet Coke.  It started a few weeks into Weight Watchers when the fact that it was 0 points, i.e., free.  I spent my teen years and early 20's addicted to Tab.  I dropped that and probably 5 or 6 times in my life since I picked up Diet Coke to just have a "treat" that wouldn't cost me anything.   I really love the flavor.  But mostly in my adult life, if I wanted a soda, I would have the real thing: a Coke with sugar, i.e., seemingly less toxins.

All this, even though I know that it is literally like drinking liquid chemicals, that it makes me feel wacky and crazy inside and out, and I really have an inkling that it actually hinders my body from losing weight, has me hold on to weight.

And, I love water.   I drink water all day long -- unless I'm drinking Diet Coke.  And, my skin suffers madly.  When I drink my yummy water all day long my skin and digestion are literally perfection.  Why would I want to look and feel worse?  Cause it makes me high!

So, I'm really happy to not have that "high" in my life anymore, happy to be blissfully back in the arms of H20, and definitely delighted to be as peaceful as I am, no longer needing to alter my emotional state.

Peace peace peace.  Yummy peace.

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  1. Way to go Bridge! I didn't realize you were shedding pounds like a...what sheds pounds? And little did I know about the Diet Coke situation. I'll be watching now, and will have an intervention ready if need be. It's amazing what can happen when we release old, suppressed energy isn't it? Keep it up! xo fran