Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Yet Another Lazy Treat at Trader Joe's ...and Lazy Lemons, to boot!

I remember the days when I prayed for more veggies and fruits at Trader Joe's, and soon they started appearing.  Then I had to pray for lemons because somehow they left them off their wish-fulfillment list, so I had to pray extra hard, and they came. 

Well, it's been a while, and I'll admit I wasn't praying quite as hard as my lemon vigil, only because I literally use a lemon a day, but I have been consistently praying to the veggie Gods to provide me with popcorn so I wouldn't have to stop at another store on nights like tonight when I had a craving.

Well, tonight, on the "New Items" shelf at Trader Joe's, 'lo and behold, was organic yellow popcorn.  I came home immediately and put it in the air popper and boy did those kernels pop up so big and fluffy!   Then I drizzled about a tablespoon of melted butter all over it, salted it up, and voila....DINNER!  Seriously, this was one inspired dinner.

Now, can we go back to my previous lemon prayers?  I can't say enough about how Lazy lemons are just a few ways I suggest you seize the lemon day:

  • Lemon Water -- If you are trying to kick a soda habit, start with Perrier/Soda Water/Calistoga and add fresh lemon, fresh orange, or a splash of your favorite juice.  Or, if you just can't bear drinking all the water you should be drinking during your day, sometimes this is just the little kick you'll need to make the transition.  Whatever you have to do to drink more water -- DO IT!  It is the key to great digestion and lovely skin.  I promise you this.
  • Most Healthy Salad Dressing in History of Mankind -- Simple: fresh lemon juice and olive oil.  You'll find your own personal taste balance, but you gotta know both of these ingredients are very good for you for many reasons, too long to list here.  And, you will be literally blown away by how the flavors of all the veggies pop, including the most simple of greens (arugula, for instance, really shines under the glistening mixture).
  • Roasted Veggies/Sauteed Veggies - I learned this trick in Italy.  There is nothing like roasted potatoes drizzled with fresh lemon juice.  Also, there is literally nothing like fresh spinach lightly sauteed in olive oil, or roasted veggies of literally any kind (oh my god roasted broccoli!) with a squeeze of lemon.
Buon Lemon & Popcorn Appetito! 

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