Thursday, March 03, 2011

Lazy Weight Loss Full Court Press is Slam Dunk

I have always been an "all out" kind o' girl.  I just got that the reason I'm losing weight so easily right now is that I am doing an "all out" kind o' plan.  It's the Full Court Press mentality that is working for me.  That way, if one of my moves/techniques/shots doesn't work one day, I've got a lot of other moves/techniques/shots to pick up the slack.

Some people aren't all out/Full Court Press.  Everyone has their own way.  Some people need to ease into a plan.  I saw someone tweet yesterday that she is just cutting out sodas to start her plan.  After that she's going to start walking.  She knows herself.  She knows what she needs.  If you don't help yourself feel nurtured during the process, you just can't expect to stay on your plan.  You need to figure out for yourself how you need to do it, and then come up with a plan, and start.  You can even give yourself dates/deadlines -- if that works for you.  March: Quit Soda; By April 15th: Join Gym and start workout; by May 15th: start meditating, etc.

My Full Court Press Weight Loss Plan is three-fold:  body, mind, and spirit.   I actually feel confident saying that if I don't address all three of these elements, I will not succeed.  That's me.  I always work out and have since I was a young teenager.  Not an issue for me.  But, the food going in, that's an issue.  I've also been working on the issues behind the weight since I was in my early 20's, and made some progress but it came back.  So, for me, the Full Court Press is:

1.  Exercise -- creative new options to change it up for my body, so I start HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) as a new ingredient in my work out recipe.
2.  Eating -- My deal is not binging or late night eating.  My deal is just a little bit too much food at each meal, eating to fullness, etc.   So, Weight Watchers is the plan that works for me, causing me to stay conscious of what goes in my mouth all day long!
3.  Sugar/Salt Cravings -- These are usually based on emotion.  Sugar was sometimes an after dinner habitual craving, but largely I would crave sugar, salty/crunchy things when I was angry or sad.  So far I can say that the Shadow Process Workshop I did last weekend has brought those cravings to a firm halt because I am now so much more at peace and dealing with my emotions in a much more even-keeled, healthy way.  I am more comfortable and at ease in my heart.
4.  Mind & Spirit -- Marianne Williamson's "Course in Weight Loss" playing over and over and over in my car was a godsend.  Her meditation CDs also a godsend.  Debbie Ford's Workshop was an enormous godsend.  Over the last couple of months embracing both of these fine women's wisdom has proven a coup in terms of mending mind, spirit, and bridging the gap I had between the two. 
5.  Gratitude/Acknowledgment -- These two practices I have done on and off over the years but now thanks to both Debbie and Marianne, I have an active daily practice. I can't tell you how these two practices have added to the peace and joy in my life.  I start my day with gratitude, listing all I am grateful for -- from my comfy bed to the fresh flowers around the house.  I end my day acknowledging myself for everything I did -- from doing the load of laundry I didn't want to do to giving my dogs an extra love walk, from the tiniest to the most significant thing. 

The bottom line for me is that when I am peaceful in my soul, I do not want to overeat.  I do not crave foods that make me high or jittery or off-kilter or fat.   I love the taste of red wine and while at dinner the other night wanted the flavor of the wine, but realized I had no interest in numbing myself at all.  I already was relaxed so I didn't "need" it to relax me.  So, I chose to have water. 

I'm not saying I won't have sugar or alcohol once in a while, but I am getting very accustomed to the wonderful freedom that comes from not needing them as a "fix" of my uncomfortability.

So, for me LAZY weight loss = full court press.  We all need to find our Lazy Way -- aka the way of less stress and more joy.

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