Monday, March 07, 2011

Lazy Home Improvement: I LOVE SPRAY PAINT

I got this table and chairs about a year ago.  They were rusty and dirty and somehow when I looked at them the whole deal just looked like a lot of work.  I finally said "This is NOT Lazy!"  Procrastination can be lazy, but if every time you look at the thing you are procrastinating about you feel icky, then that's just not Lazy.  Less stress and more joy is the goal!

So, this weekend I got the spray paint.  There were too options -- one limey, one appley.  The limey one looked truer to the original color so I chose it.  I came home, sanded and cleaned it -- in no time!  What I thought would take hours, took less than one hour all tolled!  Then I painted it which took about 25 minutes.  I did it while I talked to my friend Fran on the phone.  That's how stress-free it was.  And, I did an excellent job.

The only problem was that when it was all done, the color was blindingly neonly bright.  So, on Sunday I went back to get the appley color and repainted it -- all 5 chairs plus the table seriously in about 15 or 20 minutes!   I loooooooooooooooove spray paint.

Now this table is good and painted and coated to prevent rust!

And, I am officially addicted to spray painting because the transformation is so satisfying.  It's like it's reflecting the transformation that is happening inside me.  Very exciting. 

So, next project is my antique metal kitchen work table.  I'm going to get the paint tonight.  Yipppeeee!

Some addictions serve the this case, the world of home improvement.

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