Monday, April 25, 2011

Lazy Ass Car Wash

Part of this will sound unlazy, like this part: at 6 a.m. tomorrow I'll be parking my car for three days at LAX, so why in hell would it matter that my car is rain-stained and icky looking?  It finally stopped threatening rain yesterday, Easter, so I thought I'll wait until I'm back and my car is good and filthy from having been at LAX for three days. 

But, I just literally couldn't bear it another minute.  In our book "The Lazy Woman's Guide to Just About Everything" we have a whole section on PROCRASTINATION, and in it we make a very important point -- if putting something off is causing you stress, then DO NOT PUT IT OFF -- make it a priority.  If it lessens the stress, then go for it, procrastinate the hell out of it!

In this case, even though I was waiting for the weather to shift before washing my car, like most of LA, it wasn't really me procrastinating, it was me not wanting to waste a shiny car at a parking lot! 

But, I got home from the gym, and was hot and sweaty, so I ran in the house, got a bucket full of clean rags, ran out, and sprayed a really hard jet spray on every inch of the car.  That took about 2.5 minutes -- seriously no more than 2.5 minutes.  I whipped around that car.

Then, I put a bunch of rags in each hand and whipped around the car two times, and dried every inch.  It literally looks like it was professionally washed and this whole process took no more than SIX MINUTES.

I call this a Lazy Woman Victory for Mankind.  And, I saved money which is also a Lazy Woman passion.  Why waste money.  This will definitely be my every-other-wash technique.  Every other, I'll have it done so they do the vacuuming, etc. for me -- something I have no interest in doing.  And, that too is Lazy -- I pick my cleaning battles.

Lazy Victory.  Yummmm.

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