Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weight Watcher Foodies ALERT: "Hungry Girl 300 Under 300" is here!

Hear Ye Foodies! Hear Ye Weight Watchers Peeps!   Run, don't walk -- or perhaps walk briskly with weights in your hands -- to your nearest independent bookseller to buy yourself a copy of "Hungry Girl 300 Under 300."  (Or, move your fingers briskly to Amazon, but I always want to encourage everyone going to local bookstores first!)

I had the most delicious pleasure of meeting Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien who was signing her new cookbook -- top of the New York Times Bestseller List right out of the gate --"300 Under 300."  Lisa is delightful -- just like she appears on TV -- humble, sweet, and clearly loving her life spent inspiring women to enjoy scrumptious food while they lose weight.  Her cookbook is as light, fun and happy as she is in spirit. 

And, it's LAZY too -- really easy recipes, beautifully laid out so it's unbelievably easy to read and follow.  She has great tips, and cute little bits of inspiration dotting the pages.  It's laid out in such a way that your eye is drawn to read every little thing...like they are yummy candy jewels! 

It's so funny because I wasn't immediately drawn to this book since it's calorie counting, but it turns out that she has all the PointsPlus listed on her website for all her recipes.  Yippppeeeee!  Lisa actually partners with Weight Watchers, and blogs weekly on their site (never mind the fact that I never caught that!).  And, she even said at the book signing that she reveres WW more highly than other weight loss methods. 

My favorite thing about the lovely LIsa is she is a true foodie, who adores creating deliciousness in ever form, fulfilling all our greatest foodie dreams -- but with low cal alternatives.   She is a GENIUS! 

Check her out.  She loves you and all your crazy cravings and you will love her for fulfilling them!

Buon End-of-the Hungries Appetito to you!

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