Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lazy Garage Clean-Up = Ask for Support!

I had a fairly miraculous day.  After break-ups, one of the depressing factors for me is the struggle to regain my social bearings.  I spent all my free time with my love, who was also my buddy, my best friend.  So, I've been feeling sorry for myself lately.  Most of my friends are married, others busy with kids, and others, well we've just fallen out of regular social contact. 

While I enjoy spending time with "me" I also wanted to have some fun this weekend, but had no plans.  As if angels were listening to my prayers yesterday, this morning I got a call inviting me to a last minute Dim Sum feast - yummalicious even for this vegetarian!  And, then I got a call from a friend who also wanted some company.  I made her a late lunch and she helped me clean out my garage.   

I swear I have angels listening to me because I knew I was going to clean my garage today but I was wishing I had someone to just sit and keep me company while I did it.  I always recommend getting a buddy to just even sit with you (if they aren't the helping kind) and just be company for you when you are doing something tough, stressful, or sad.  It's just easier!! 

I was so grateful she was willing to sit with me!   But, she never sat down once: she kicked my Lazy Ass!  And her helpful mantras of the day were exclamations of "You do NOT need that!"  "You will NEVER use that again!" or "That's a NO!"  I made huge progress with her there, and it was really absolutely stress-free.  It was actually fun to laugh at myself and all the crap I have in there!

I am a lucky lazy girl!  I needed support and I got it.  Sometimes you just gotta ask!

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  1. Our "Spring Cleanup" is on Wednesday this week. That means that the garbage men will take ANYTHING. So this weekend should have been spent cleaning out our shed/garage/basement - but it wasn't...

    Now I am running back and forth from the house to the end of the driveway packing the crap that I have deemed "junk", while my kids yell at me from the living room for milk or snacks or diaper changes.

    I like your version of someone sitting and watching and HELPING you clean better.