Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trina meet Tina -- This is my MIRACLE Day!

It's a wonderful day!  I knew it was going to be good because I woke up remembering my Tina Fey dream (see blog post below this one!), but I had no idea that today would be the day that my "Weight Goal Dress" would FIT!  I bought this Trina Turk lovely Spring dress in January to shrink into.  I had never been to Nordstrom Rack before and delightfully this gorgeous thing was sitting on the rack waiting for me at $19.97!

It's a Size 4, but I knew it was a big 4, more like a 6.  And, I knew that when I met my goal weight I'd fit into it, and today I thought "Hey, let's try that on!"

Thanks to Marianne WIlliamson's "A Course in Weight Loss" I actually know that I am actually not at my goal weight.  I'm at just two pounds past what previously was my "This is as good as it gets" weight.  I am still happily losing, and I'm doing it with lots of grace and ease -- again thanks to Marianne in major part!

Now, off to have a wonderful baked potato and salad, another delightful moment in my Tina/Trina Day of Miracles.


  1. YOU ROCK and INSPIRE!!! xx - Ivy

  2. It's beautiful!!!! Your body looks killer! Way to go!