Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tina Fey Helped Me Clean My Kitchen

Blessed I was to see Tina Fey and Steve Martin on Tuesday night.  Even though it was the Nokia Theatre at LA Live, because it was just the two of them having a chat on the stage, it felt like I was just watching them in my living room.  The friend I was with didn't want to stay for book signing so I didn't get to meet her.  I was a little sad about that, and Tina must have felt it because she came over for a cup of cocoa last night.

Yes, indeed, she came over for a cup of cocoa in my dream.  But, the coolest thing she did was reveal to me that all this cleaning I've been doing, organizing, getting rid of old stuff, clearing out of every nook and cranny....well, the kitchen cabinet that has the cocoa in it, Tina very sweetly pointed out, was in need of cleaning and organizing. 

So, as soon as I could this morning I opened that cabinet, and took care of it.  She also pointed out -- when in search of something to go with the cocoa -- that there were two other kitchen cabinets that could use my attention.  So, those I'll be handling this evening.

I'm so lucky to have a "dream friend" like Tina Fey to have a late night cocoa with, and to just have that kind of relationship where when she points out my flaws she does it with such love and support.  Tina only wants the best for me!

And, what am I always saying as one of my Lazy Woman anthems -- get help!  Enlist support wherever and whenever you can. Or swap support.  I'm expecting a "dream call for support" from Tina any night now.  I'll probably end up babysitting...not my fave, but anything for a "dream friend."

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