Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Lazy Travels are so Lucious

My heart is so full of love right now. My two dogs Lucy and Tallulah are snuggled up next to me in bed as I write this. I was away for 10 days but they haven't punished me for abandoning them, thank god! They did great. I am so thankful because I had a great time and thought of them a lot, feeling guilty.

My trip was filled with love. I arrived in London and went directly to breakfast with dear old friends who were synchronistically in London. I saw an old friend of a friend, who I've met a few times over the years, and we both talked about how much we adore our friend. I fell in love with London and then I got to fall in love in with Morocco. What a delicious country. I ate the most amazing food, saw the most exquisite sites, learned so much, and most importantly, I spent the most scrumptious time with my fairy goddaughters who are so precious to me. They literally make my heart jump out of my heart when I see them, and they literally can do no wrong in my presence. They are brilliant, hilarious and lovely inside and out.

My soul is filled up, as it always is with travel, but travel that is laced with love in all its many forms is just as nourishing as vitamins.

I am also inspired. In London I saw the play "Billy Elliot" and on the flight home I got to see the film. I loved them both and am now going to rekindle my old love of tap dancing. I have been wanting to do dance of some sort for a long time and now I'm going to do it. I think it's good for the heart, soul and body, and I'm excited to start.

Life is good. Lazy and good.

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  1. Glad you had such a great time in London. Lots more to see on your next trip: Whitechapel Gallery, Borough Market, London Eye, Electric Cinema, Portobello Road. etc, etc. Then there's that skyscraper, the one that holds my heart in it's hands; and of course, the Estorick Gallery where I do my weekend thing. So much...

    Hope you know that your blog is a joy to read.I like your writing style

    Peter (aka Archimedesprinciple when it comes to blogging)