Saturday, May 14, 2011

Are you ANTI-Aging or PRO-Aging?

I'm sorry but I think it's fairly hilarious that we are so ANTI-aging!  It's like we are ANTI-nature! 

I find it almost as hilarious that I just last week posted about my grandma's skincare regime that I love and follow has kept my skin relatively wrinkle-free and healthy. 

Well, the very next day after I posted that I went to my friend's beautiful store -- ELISA B. in Old Town Pasadena.  If you ever need a special dress, a unique lovely piece of jewelry, or a clever gift for a special woman in your life -- go to Elisa B. 

At one point I popped out of the store to run across the courtyard to Origins for one of my favorite lip glosses.  As I was checking out someone behind me asked "Have you ever tried Plantscription?"  I turned around and heard the story about how people are raving about it, that it's being featured all over the media as a skin rejuvenator.  She said it reduces wrinkles and skin discoloration. 


There were a couple of women there who were also extolling its virtues, so I sort of, kind of, well, you know, I had to get it!

And, boy oh boy am I happy because after just over a week's use, the sun spots on the left side of my face are absolutely lighter.  The fine lines around my mouth are also reduced.  This stuff seriously works.    And, it smells divine, is so light and lovely in feel, so it's a joy to apply twice a day.  I put it on, leave it for a few minutes and then go back to grandma's moisturizing secret!  (if you missed it scroll down in the blog posts)

With Lazy tricks like Plantscription around we can be PRO-aging, eh?  It's good to be positive!

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