Tuesday, May 24, 2011

BlogHer Food Conference 2011 in Atlanta: --- Sweet Deliciousness!

There was so much much that was DELICIOUS about the BlogHer Food Conference:

1.  Sweet Peeps!   The speakers, the attendees, the organizers, the hotel staff -- everyone was so generous!  People shared, supported, nurtured, attended to, cheered, and inspired each other.  Magic was happening around every corner.  Two of the highlights for me were Laurie David (author "The Family Dinner" and producer on "Inconvenient Truth") and Molly O'Neill (formerly of NY Times and now, check her out at onebigtable.com) who were genuinely, unequivocally generous with people who were asking for support and/or inspiration.  I witnessed each of them taking such care with people to give them what they needed -- in a most humble way. 

It was mostly women at this conference and it was truly women showing up as their most powerful, generous selves.  A true inspiration.  I give major credit to the organizers for creating such an amazing space for everyone to step into with love and generosity.

2.  Sweet Auburn Market -- I'm sorry but for a vegetarian, there is nothing more orgasmic than a Farmer's Market.  This is a fun and funky one and full of all kinds of veggies and legumes that we don't get to see here in Los Angeles.  And, they had a penchant for wrapping foods in plastic so it was fun to photograph the wrapped jewels.

But the biggest vegorgasm of my trip was the veggie burger at Grindhouse Burgers at The Sweet Auburn Curb Market.  It won "Best Veggie Burger 2010 in Atlanta" and it totally deserves it.  If you're not a vegetarian please go and get you some o' dat meat burger stuff because you will LOVE it.  They have a million creative toppings too.  I chose the homemade slaw which was so incredibly light and inspired, and sauteed mushrooms and onions! OMG! Again Vegorgasm Galore!

3.  Sweet Wisdom -- I got so much wisdom from this weekend that I actually typed up all my notes on the plane home late Saturday night.  I will post soon the best tidbits I got throughout the weekend. 

4.  Sweet Lovin' -- My wonderful friend, Salle (who came with me to the conference) and I met the Tuna of Our Dreams...isn't he handsome?

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