Thursday, May 05, 2011

Ch-ch-ch-changes....dealing with change the Lazy Way

Our world is transforming and if we are lucky we are transforming too, moving forward to more peaceful, loving and happy lives. 

I had a rough couple of days being berated by feelings of betrayal.  "Was it all a lie?" was my mantra-like response to unveiling lies that had been told to me during my relationship of two years.  I wanted to sift through every memory and deem it "truth" or "lie" like I was on my own little game show. 

Last night, though, I had the pleasure of listening to the recording of Marianne Williamson's talk from Monday night:  Marianne speaks every Monday in Los Angeles, and I always miss it.  But, we are all blessed because she records it.  This Monday the talk was about our external and internal reactions to the Osama Bin Laden news.  I highly recommend the talk, especially if you are struggling or wrestling in any way with the news. 

But, it's also applicable if you have anything like a "war" going on in your own life.  For instance, the war I'm having in my heart with my ex is not a pretty one.  I am my own terrorist in the dangerous neighborhood called "my head!" 

Two amazing quotes I gleaned from her talk were promptly typed up and posted on my wall as a reminder.  I put some pretty graphics on them to make them easy on the eyes -- actually pretty enough to draw me into them.  Here are the divine quotes I am clinging to now, which I share with you, thanks to the Divine Miss Marianne...if not solace today, perhaps you can use them in the future or send them to someone in pain, in the midst of their own battle:

God, lift me above the battle.
My job is to see beyond this illusion. 
I can seek to dwell in love.

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