Friday, February 04, 2011

Lazy Healthy Eating Amidst Lazy Grief

Really what I want to do is escape from the world right now.  I just broke up with my great love, and it is a sad, sad, sad time.  So, I took mostly to my bed for a few days, but realized it's time to start stepping outside. 

You can tell I'm depressed when you see I'm not eating.  I always eat. I love food, as you know.   So, for me not to eat, you know I am hurting.  Today I knew I had to eat something with protein and goodness. 

The deliciousness above is fit for a good WWgasm -- only 7 Weight Watchers points for a lot of flavor and bang for the point buck.

Two slices of Sprouted RYE Bread -- toasted
Creamy Goat Cheese -- about an ounce -- This one is from Trader Joe's, of course
Sliced Olives -- the equivalent of about 5 olives
Baby Heirloom Tomatoes -- several sliced
A sprinkling of Pink Himalayan Salt...but any salt and/or pepper will do.

I made myself take it out to the sun to eat and photograph.  We may be the only sliver of the country that isn't dealing with ice, snow, or rain.  I acknowledge everyone dealing with the inclement weather.  I wish you warmth in your cozy homes.

With love in my heart,
lazily yours,


  1. Sending you lots of hugs - take good care of yourself. xx - Ivy

  2. So sad you are hurting. I hope the pain eases soon. (hugs)