Monday, February 14, 2011

Lazy Lovin' on Valentine's Day

One of the most valuable things I got out of doing the Landmark Forum many years ago (thanks to Beanie!) was the idea of creating possibilities.  I do it now on a daily basis, and actually have a call each weekday morning with a few other people where we create possibilities for our day and set up a few intentions.

Today, I created the possibility of being LOVE because today was the day we delivered scarves to the City of Hope.  I started The Love Scarf Project (see several years ago and today was Love Scarf Project 2011 Valentine's Day delivery to patients of all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, religions.  We hand out handmade scarves, hats (and a few booties too!) to the patients so that they can  be reminded that they are very loved even when they are alone.

Everyone's hearts were so full of love.  My pilates teacher, Melanie came to help deliver -- and later her daughter, Riley, came too.  The second woman above is Carrie, who is responsible for 100's of scarves being knitted over the years, for a project starting in Salt Lake City and Chicago, and for helping the NY Love Scarf Project.  And the couple on the right are Perry and Nancy.  Nancy knitted FORTY FOUR -- yes that is forty plus four -- scarves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We were escorted around by the two head nurses of the floors we visited and a with a wonderful Recreation Director, Edwin, who just made the adventure even more love-filled.

The patients -- even the most exhausted and weary -- were so grateful it was breathtaking.   We just wanted to shower THEM with love and yet so much love came back to us -- even as, in some cases, they struggled to just keep their energy up enough to receive us.

It really puts everything in perspective.  It's just all about love isn't it.  What else matters?  Nada.  Zip.

It's always a great reminder - if you aren't getting what you need, give it -- whatever it is that you are complaining about not having or not getting enough of....take a moment, and give it out and you will see it come right back to you.  It's the laziest way of all to get exactly what you want..and need.

Happy Lazy Valentine's Day to all.

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