Sunday, February 13, 2011

Celebrating Weight Loss = Spa Day for the Lazy Woman!!!!!!!!!

Most important thing for me: celebrating the losses.  I'm about halfway to my goal of 17 pounds, and it's Valentine's Day time and I wanted to give myself some extra love too.

My favorite regular LA Spa, i.e., it doesn't break the bank every time you go is Olympic Spa:

For just literally $15 you can soak in the tubs, steam, sauna to your heart's content -- literally for hours upon hours!

I get the $70 combo of scrub + massage.  You get scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed so all the dead skin layers are gone, gone, gone, and then they massage you with oil, honey and milk (yes real honest to god honey and they finish the treatment with warm milk all over your body).  They also put grated fresh cucumber all over your face while they massage your scalp, shampoo and condition your hair.  It is as luxurious as it sounds.

If you want a little added luxury and about 20 minutes more treatment with Bumble & Bumble products you can go up to $100 or $120.  I do those every once in a while too, but honestly for $70 you get a lot of luxury.  The treatment is an hour long and very nurturing and refreshing.

And, before the treatment I soaked in the hot Mugworts Tea Bath, in the icy cold tub, sat in the Oxygen Stone + Jade Walled Steamroom, and the Himalayan Salt Sauna...and then I took a luxurious nap for about 45 minutes on the warm jade floor -- yes, very warm jade floor.  They give you pillows and blankets.  There is nothing like napping on a very warm floor.

Everyone is naked at the spa.  You actually aren't allowed to enter any of the baths with a bathing suit. So you get to celebrate ALL the different shapes and sizes, and take a moment to just love your own body, love your body moving in and out of the water, steaming it, taking care of it, nurturing all of you, inside and out. 

I thanked my body for working so hard, asked for forgiveness for overeating in the past, and for all my negative thoughts -- like it was a bad friend.  In fact, my body has been my loyal friend, giving me very little grief. It wasn't doing anything to me.  I was doing something to it.

If you are losing weight, definitely check out Marianne WIlliamson's "A Course in Weight Loss."  I am really getting a whole new relationship with my body and food out of this course.  Thank you Genius Marianne!

Loving you, loving my body, loving losing, and loving CELEBRATING the loss!

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