Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Trader Joe's Tuesday -- Instant Hot out of the Oven Chocolate Brownies!

Please forgive me for not taking pictures of the pre-baking and post-baking!  But, the item you are looking for at Trader Joe's is the Gluten Free Brownie Mix.  It comes in a brown bag with orange writing on it.  You only have to add an oil, water and an egg or two. 

I had left my 8" square pans at my boyfriends so I baked them in muffin tins and they were so cute!

The key is taking them out soon enough.  They still look pretty "wet" when they are done, so pay attention to the timer. 

They are so fudgey and so good for you.  And if you are on Weight Watchers they are only TWO -- yes TWO -- points.  It's a lot of yummy -- HEALTHY -- goodness with very little effort!

Buon Choco-appetito!


  1. NEED Trader Joes to come to Canada ASAP!

  2. Yes you do need Trader Joes in Canada! I'll help you campaign! But, just know that you can also find the equivalent in your local grocery or health food store too! I can help if you ever need!