Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weight Loss Inspiration: Trina Turk Dress

[Post-posting edit...just made this up...Treatspiration...when it's a treat that not only rewards you but also inspires you to lose more.  Treatspiration = Trina Turk in this scenario! LOL!]

I think it was the first week of this losing-my-grieving-my-father-passing-weight-gain weight loss journey that I found myself at Nordstrom Rack in front of the most incredibly cute Trina Turk dress.  And, not being able to pass up a deal, I sneaked a peek at the price tag and was jaw-droppingly shocked that it read $19.97.  What?

Then I checked out the size -- size 4.  Now at that moment I was a 10.  But, I looked at the dress and decided that it was actually much more like a 6 for most other lines of clothing.  A 6 is what I will be at my goal weight. 

It has a zipper on the side.  So, I put it on over my head and pulled it down over my body.  I didn't expect the zipper to close at that moment, but I wanted to see how far away I was from closing it.  Pretty far that first day.

But, each week I try it on -- even the weeks where the scale isn't matching up what I see are major changes in my body.  Like this week the scale only showed a .2 lb. loss but this was a week where my body really shifted and kind of settled into reflecting major changes in my tummy fat particularly.  So, I know the .2 isn't real. And the proof was in the Trina Turk!   I am definitely within a few weeks of closing this zipper.  My birthday is 3/22 and my goal is to be able to wear it on my birthday.  

It looks cuter and cuter on me each week.  This week my collar bones are finally visible for instance.  With a nice deep v-neckline that looks a lot nicer than it did 5 weeks ago.

I love trying on the dress every week.  I really do.  You'd think it might be depressing but it's not at all.  It's inspiring.   It was the best $19.97 I ever spent.


  1. I sure hope you'll post a picture of it once you're zipped in!!! Keep up the good work and the inspiring posts.

  2. Yes, I was actually thinking when I was posting that I should take a pic of me even NOT fitting into it as I go. Will do next week! It's sort of hilarious AND wonderful! LOL!

  3. This has been great reading - but I am just curious as I am hit with an injury which has stopped all my workouts - are you doing anything physical to lose the weight and tone up (I may have missed it) or just weight watchers? Just curious as I'm having knee surgery tomorrow and feeling a bit down about my battle - love you bunches! Ivy

  4. So sorry you have to have surgery! Will be thinking of you sending you healing energy!

    I've always worked out 7 days a week BUT I did add HIIT (high intensity interval training)in January after my accupuncturist recommended a couple times. It has shortened my work out time actually. But, Weight Watchers works even if you don't work out. I've had injuries before and the bottom line is you have to make sure the "calories out" is more than the "calories in" when I was sick or had injuries in the past I would check my BMI to see how many calories I was burning each day with no activity and shoot for 500 to 1000 calories less for 1 or 2 pounds weight loss each week.

    Bur after your surgery you can do upper body workout right? It all burns calories!!!

    I can't more highly recommend the Marianne Williamson book "Course in Weight Loss" -- she also has meditation tapes. Honestly if you do all the exercises in the book and do the meditations I bet you it would do far more for your weight loss than the missed workouts would have done. I am not kidding. It is amaaaaazing!