Monday, February 07, 2011

Lazy Transformation Amidst Emotional Chaos

If you didn't read "The Celestine Prophesy" in the early 90's when it came out, you probably heard about it.  It was on th NY Times Bestseller list for quite a long time, and it was transforming lives left and right.  It changed my own.  I was reading it while on vacation in Venezuela.  It was going to be my last vacation in a long time as I was about to start -- from the ground up -- the first drive though cappuccino place in Los Angeles.  Starbucks, I learned from an insider, had it in their 5 Year Plan so they weren't even on my heals, and I had raised the $400,000 it would take to get it going.  It was an exciting time.

We arrived home from vacation around 1 a.m.   Four hours later the Northridge earthquake hit and the two houses across the street from us went down the hill, so the neighborhood gathered together to save, support and comfort.  It was a life-altering event and, in fact, it became crystal clear to me that I didn't want to be working with hot coffee, food service employees, etc.  I think reading the book combined with such a dramatic thing as being situated at the end of a fault line (confirmed by geological maps a few weeks after the earthquake) made me wake up and truly pay attention to the synchronicities in my life.  And, the magic ensued!

I'm pleased to say I pay attention to synchronicities to this day but it is second nature now.  Every once in a while though you have a series of dramatic synchronicities that are beyond your imagination.  One was that I met James and Salle Redfield -- for a second time -- at an event I produced in 2006 and we realized we had something in common -- they had a Coton de Tulear dog who they wanted to possibly mate and I had a Coton de Tulear girl dog who I was dying to mate so I could have another girl puppy.  Our "families" have been intertwined since.

And, I've been reading his books ever since -- including his latest "The Twelfth Insight" which I read over the evenings of last Thursday, Friday and Saturday -- during the culmination of the Egyptian conflict.  Outrageously, the book also culminates in the midst of a strife in Egypt.  And, equally stunning, the book mentions the exact strife that occurred in our country after the Giffords shooting.  Talk about synchronicity!

But, on a personal level, I gained many things from this book.  First, I take a couple minutes each day to simply send love to Egypt.  They need so much, but I think we can all agree that sending love their way cannot hurt.  "The Twelfth Insight" shows how love, that purest, highest, ego-less love, that comes from us here on this planet, as well as from the "other side" is healing beyond our wildest dreams, has power beyond our knowledge, and that we are vastly under-using our love everywhere in our lives.

The book also had me become clear upon reading one pivotal page that it was as if my dad (who died 10/10/09) were sitting next to me saying "Put down the book and talk to me!"  There is wonderful guidance in the book about listening to the wisdom of our friends and family who have passed before us.  I did put the book down and did listen to him, and I found that it created an opening for action with my break-up.  That opening has lead to a ray of hope, a light that my ex has stepped into with great courage, embarking on a brave, brave journey that may lead to our getting back together.  I have no idea how things will end up, but the opening I found would not have been possible had I not read this book.

Not every book is for every person, but I am profoundly grateful to have read this one.

It also, synchronistically, lead me to read about this blog: which I highly recommend for real time, real life account from the ground in Egypt from an American living there currently. 

In the midst of chaos finding whatever peace you can find is good, but tapping into love in all its many manifestations is supremely healing.

Grateful am I.

With love....

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