Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lazy Weight Loss = Body + Mind + Spirit

Put on running shorts that previously used to always hike up on me and be annoying.  Why?  Because they were actually too small.  I was in denial.  Oy denial and the body, an endless story!

But now they fit, because my legs are slimmer AND my stomach is flatter.  And, I just realized it's really because of this full court press I'm doing -- unintentionally it all just fell into place that I am dealing with the body, mind and spirit of my weight loss.

Was it UNintentional though?  Not really.  I went to a Debbie Ford/James Van Praagh workshop on December 4th, came home and printed up two beautifully laid out, colorful affirmations up:  "Abundance flows into my life in surprising and miraculous ways every day" (Thank you Debbie Ford for giving us those exact amazing words!) and "I love loving my body" to which my boyfriend handwrote "Me too! Me too!" in pen.  My ex ALWAYS told me how much he loved my body -- no matter what it looked like!  How lucky was I?  

I digress.  I put up the affirmations and then three things came into my life:  1) Two friends reinspired me to join Weight Watchers which had worked marvelously for me in the past, 2) I came upon Marianne Williamson's book "Course in Weight Loss" with the supporitng book on CD and meditation tapes...I actually didn't crack the book, I just have been listening to it in the car (I'm on my second round), and 3) My accupuncturist mentioned for the second time her research on High Intensity Interval Training (aka "HIIT").   It is no mistake that these things came into my life, but I just got today that they are dealing with every level of weight loss I need.

I'm super impressed with all of them but today I'm geting an extra kick out of HIIT because I really see that my legs and stomach are visibly slimming -- faster than with normal Weight Watchers weight loss.

Intentions are very powerful and VERY LAZY!  Use them, abuse them.  Debbie Ford suggests you put the ones you need most across from the toilet -- that's where my body love one is.  So you see it repeatedly.  My other one is in the window across from my bed so I see it every time I look up.  I made it very pretty too so it would pleasing to look at. 

Lazily yours, a little less of me...

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