Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lazy Woman Loses Weight But Remains Foodie

I've lost 8.4 pounds in 5 weeks.  That's a good, healthy pace.  But, the most important thing to me is I have not forfeited one iota of my foodie-ness. 

The amazing thing about Weight Watchers is that you can literally fit any craving into your plan.  My favorite sandwich on the planet right now is LA restaurant, Mendocino Farms' Veggie BLT Melt.  It has veggie bacon, jalapeno cheese, crunchy organic arugula, tomatoes..all on crunchy toasty chewy yummy sourdough bread.  What does it cost me in Weight Watchers points?  15 points out of the 29 I'm allotted each day.  Everyone also gets 49 extra weekly points to use over the course of a week.  But, the bottom line is that I can work my way around the plan to fit every single thing that I want to eat into my plan and still lose weight.  I've been to two of my favorite restaurants a few times over the weeks and I still lost weight.  It can all be fit in.

So, for those of you who are NOT trying to lose weight, you can still find yummy food ideas here.  Also, even though I mention Trader Joe's a lot, I promise there is an equivalent in everyone's grocery store or health food store, so if something strike's your fancy, you can google it, i.e., Trader Joe's Creamy Goat Cheese and see the nutritional counts, etc.   Everything you can find at TJ's is somewhere on the net.

This morning I was craving something cheesy and fruity and crunchy, so I toasted up a Josef's Sprouted Wheat Bagel and slathered the TJ's Creamy Goat Cheese on it and then added the Organic Superfruit Spread (preserves). 

Those Superfruit preserves are incredible.  It has Morello Cherry, Red Grape, Blueberry and Pomegranate. I really don't like sweet jams so this is the perfect balance of sweet and tart for me, and you get nice bites of whole or nearly whole berries too.  Combined with that goat cheese...Oh My God!

How many points for this #WWgasm (foodie orgasm for she who is on Weight Watchers) = 11.  But, for me it is absolutely totally worth the 11 points AND it will keep me filled up for a good long while today. 

Buon WWappetito!

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