Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lazy Technology

I am doing my 31 Day Blogger Class the Lazy Way....not in 31 Days! It's really great though and I know it would be a most brilliant choice to do all 31 lessons in 31 days. I'd be a blogger genius in a month. But, alas, alack, I've been mostly traveling these last few weeks, so I've had to let go my expectations of getting it done the "RIGHT WAY" and do it the way it CAN be done now...the Lazy Way.

Not doing things as they are meant to be done can be a source of frustration and "make wrong" for me. I feel like I did when I was in first grade and I missed the instructions on how to do a book report. I returned to class the second day into writing book reports and the teacher very sweetly came to my side and asked how I was doing. The book report I vividly remember was on one of those Dick and Jane and Spot books. I was sweating bullets and had been since I started because I had never been good at penmanship. The "report" was taking me forever because...drum roll..... I thought a book report was copying a book - word for word -- on my big lined paper. I saw everyone looking at their books and then writing carefully on their pages so I just assumed! Shockingly, no I was not retarded, I had just missed the instructions when I was out sick AND when Miss Anderson asked me if I knew how to do a book report, I was too embarassed to say I didn't. I loved more than life itself and I was already slightly angry with God for not making her my mother, but if I had a shot at having her as my mother, I needed to be as smart as possible.

She kneeled at the side of my desk when everyone else was just about finished and I was clearly having a hard time. When she saw my pages, she very obviously nearly pulled a muscle trying not to laugh out loud. She smiled sweetly, I'm sure biting hard on the inside of her cheek and held her arms over her stomach, holding in the peels of laughter I know she thought would eek out if she let go. She was so incredibly kind though and said it was her fault. I was still profoundly humiliated for being so stupid. I like to do things right. Even more than wanting to do things right is wanting to do them fast. I like to be the best AND the fastest, thank you very much.

So, being Lazy is good for me. Being a lazy blogger is good too. It just means the learning curve is a little longer! All this to say that I have had a few questions about COMMENTS on this blog! Yes, you can comment! I would love it! The comment link is tiny and a little hard to see, but it is just at the end of the blog, so please feel free to add your own Lazy Wisdom and share what you wish! I welcome it!!!!

Lazy Technology Day to All!

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