Friday, April 17, 2009

Dancing Up a Lazy Storm

My tap teacher gave me her business card last week and I noticed she taught belly dancing. I've been wanting to try out belly dancing for a while, just to experience moving my hips in such a feminine way. So, I started her belly dancing class this week too. Two new forms of dance in one week sounded daunting but she encouraged me, saying "dance is dance -- it all works together, teaching you to move."

Shockingly, they are working together in a few different ways. One of them is with regard to shifting weight. It's the hardest thing for me so far, mostly because I think too hard about it. It's almost like thinking about breathing. When I'm nervous and I notice my breath is a little labored, when I focus on how jagged the breath is, and how nervous I actually sound, it freaks me out even more.

I think that one of the biggest lessons I'm getting from dance, and will continue to learn, is TRUST. Shifting weight, like breathing, is natural, and we all have a knack for it! I need to trust the shift, trust the movement, and do what always works: focus on the FUN....and dance up a Lazy Storm!

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