Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lazy Tax Day

One would think that as a Lazy Woman I would understand my friends who waited until the last minute to do their taxes, but I actually don't consider that the most delicious kind of procrastination. We actually have a section in our book on Procrastination and we talk about how it can be a good idea in small doses, just not if it's actually going to increase your stress. The idea is LESS STRESS and MORE JOY. So, a good barometer is asking that question: "Is procrastinating now going to create or alleviate stress, or add/subtract some joy?"

How I deal with my taxes is I get all my prep done by the end of February (while the previous year is still fresh in my mind, too!), and I make it FUN! I know that sounds really insane but it's true. I put on a great old movie (or two! -- I usually do it in a couple different sessions) that I love, one that I have seen a bijillion times that I don't have to necessarily "watch" and I go through the basket of folders with my year's receipts, my calendar, and I put it my year's expenses in my handy dandy grid. My grid makes me happy. It has pretty colors.... and it really works for me! When I'm done with it, I'm proud to send it to my Tax Lady.

Yet again having a "buddy" is always a Lazy solution. My buddy for taxes is my Tax Lady, Marie May, who has done my taxes for about 15 years. She is great at what she does, deals with all my very bizarre consulting and writing income, and really loves what she does. I think that's part of what makes me excited to send her my grid. She loves what she does and I love to make her job as easy as possible.....'cause she's my bud!

I think another part of why I get a jolt of joy when I get my taxes done is a gift from my dad. When I was young I worked for his small business in Alaska. When I got my first paycheck he sat me down to explain the taxes that were taken out. He told me what a PRIVILEGE it was to pay taxes. He explained that the roads, bridges, libraries, police officers, etc. are paid for by taxes, and that I was now a tiny part in the grand scheme of things working in our world. He really made me feel proud of having the taxes taken out!

So, today I'm grateful for my dad, and my Lazy Solution to Tax Preparation: make it fun, get it done early, and have a buddy aka Tax Lady!

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