Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Lazy Woman Cure for Aging

I've decided I need to stretch my brain, so I bought TAP SHOES today and just finished a Tappercize tape...to catch a few steps before I venture out into the public for my first class on Friday. I was worried that I'd be even klutzier now than I was 25 years ago when I took tap briefly, but I don't think I'm any worse. I am definitely not cute or elegant but there were moments where my body sort of clicked into gear on its own and I was tapping in time. What a thrill.

There were other times where my body was definitely not clicking, where my eyes, brain and feet were not at all in synch. So, I said to myself "How does a Lazy Woman tap?" And, I let it go! I let go the expectation and just moved and watched the people on the tape, and let it go, and eventually it clicked in.

I really think that the majority of my unhappy or frustrated moments are the result of my expectations crashing into reality. I need to let them slip and slide into each other, like I was accidentally doing today...slipping, sliding, nearly falling as I stumbled into relaxing into the tap, tap, tap of it all.

I think my brain is happy today too. It's like when I take Lucy and Tallulah for a walk in a new neighborhood, and they are excited by all the new smells, sounds, people and dogs...they are electrified. I feel like my brain had a little adventure today.

This is part of a recipe for Aging the Lazy Way...giving the brain and body a new little electric jolt every now and again.

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