Friday, April 24, 2009

Lazy Greening of Your Life

I am so energized. I was just an event produced by the Pasadena Weekly (magazine I write for) honoring powerful women in our community. It was so exciting to be amongst such amazing women, most of whom (unlike me) also have kids beyond running huge corporations and kick ass businesses. I hope they all have our book because they do a lot of juggling and need our Lazy QuickTips! Several I spoke to said they were going to definitely pick up a copy, which is a good thing on every level.

One very inspiring mother and entrepreneur I met was Caroline Howell whose light spirit and equally light but friendly Alabama accent instantly draw you in. Then you find out that she runs one of the most life-affirming, earth-friendly businesses: GreenBeanie which helps people green and health-ify their homes! Check out her website at

I asked her if she has a blog and she promised to start one by the end of the weekend, so I look forward to linking with her blog because she is a Lazy Woman Solution -- she helps people help themselves, their families and the world!

I was listening to "Good Morning America" this morning as I fed and played with my dogs. I heard them mention a study that concluded that people who have uplifting friendships live longer -- much longer! Today's event reminded me of that as over 100 women gathered to exchange business cards, ideas and energy. You could see people milling around looking for their like-minded mates. It's important to be around people and things that GIVE you energy.

Judie and I wrote a section of our book on vampires, i.e., the real life kind of people who drain you of energy when you are with them. If every time you speak on the phone or spend time with someone your energy is drained, you might want to do all that you can to limit contact with that person. (I know, it could be a family member...just do your best to limit the time.) On the other hand, if someone consistently leaves you feeling better about yourself, uplifted or energized, then cultivate that friendship like you cultivate your garden....keep the flowers blooming, and keep adding seeds and plants. Keep the oxygen-giving green growin'!

So, the thought for the day is "Thinking Green is a Lazy Thing to Do!"

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  1. Debbie Lewis, Philadelphia8:29 PM

    I was attracted to your blog entry to see what you wrote about my dear friend, Caroline Howell. She is truly an inspiration -- as is your message. I feel like I've found a new circle of lazy soulmates. I'm going to link to your blog on my Facebook and then go to Amazon and buy your book.